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What's Next?

You are admitted to a college and have accepted their offer. What happens next?

Once you have accepted a school's offer of admission, the first thing you should do is apply for a student visa. Information about student visas is presented in the Passports and Visas section of this site.

You will receive a large packet of information. It is important to follow the instructions carefully. You will also need to arrange for plane tickets and access to your funds from abroad. You may need to send some money to the school to pay for the first semester's tuition. You will also need to decide whether you will live in on-campus housing or off-campus housing. Information about housing is presented in the Housing section of this site.

Your local educational advising center may offer a pre-departure orientation program. If so, you should attend.

Most schools have special orientation sessions for international students a few weeks before other students start arriving on campus. It is a good opportunity to meet the foreign student advisor and your fellow international students. Orientation will include a variety of academic and social activities, and time to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood.

If expect that Americans will have trouble pronouncing your name, you might wish to pick an American name to use as a nickname.


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