Applying to USA Schools

The application process for schools in the USA is complicated and has many seemingly never-ending parts. Learn all about them now so you won’t forget anything later.

Requesting Application Materials

Schools usually have different application materials for international students, so it is important that you identify yourself as an international student when you contact the admissions office.

Calculating Your GPA

Nearly every application will ask your for your GPA (Grade Point Average) on a 4-point scale. We’ll tell you how to convert your grades into an American GPA–regardless of what scale your country uses.

Credential Evaluation

Most schools require an official evaluation of education credentials from international students as part of the application process.

Preparing the Application

What do you actually have to do to apply to college in the USA? We’ll tell you.

What’s Next?

You are admitted to a college and have accepted their offer. What happens next?