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Business Clothing

Proper business attire is extremely important in the US. If you dress inappropriately for an interview, for example, your chances of getting the position are significantly reduced.

Ask your American friends or professors for help in selecting a good set of business clothes. You can also ask the sales staff at the more expensive stores, such as Ann Taylor, Brooks Brothers, or Saks 5th Avenue, for advice. Even if you later buy your clothing at Sears or Caldor, it will give you a good sense of what is appropriate attire.

Men should have at least one suit, consisting of a coat and conservative tie with a white button-down shirt. Dark suit colors, such as navy blue, black, or dark gray, are best. The tie should match the suit and not be flashy. A geometric pattern with red, gray, black, and white elements is best.

Women's clothing is more difficult to describe. The goal is to achieve a conservative and professional look. Straight lines and dark colors are preferred.


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