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The US Constitution guarantees religious freedom for all faiths. You will almost certainly be able to find a church, synagogue, or mosque near school for people of your faith.

Freedom of religion also means that you're likely to be solicited by religious groups who want to invite you to their church. Some of these groups can be quite aggressive. There are also a few cults that prey on college students. Avoid them, as they can be extremely seductive. If you are approached by a recruiter for a cult or religious group, do not make eye contact, do not engage in conversation, and keep walking. They will often ask you a rhetorical question to open the conversation, such as "Do you believe in god?". Either ignore them, or respond with something that will fluster them enough to let you get past, such as "only on Tuesdays and Thursdays". Even if you're interested in their particular brand of religion, it is best for you to seek out the local churches on your own.


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