The International Student Guide to Studying in the USA

Getting into College >

What Are the Top Universities in the USA for International Students?

A New Ranking Based on What Matters to YOU! Choosing which of the best universities in the USA to attend can seem overwhelming. There...

Paying for College >

Loans for International Students

Below is a list of some of our favorite private lenders. Whether you apply to one of these or to another company you find...

Immigrating to the USA >

7 Must-Know Tips for Studying Abroad in the U.S.

7 Must-Know Tips for Studying Abroad in the U.S. eduPASS is proud to be your go-to-guide for studying in the U.S. Are you worried...

Essential Tools for International Students >

Use our MBA school finder tool to discover which US schools are right for you. Know everything you need from academics to tuition fees and available loan options.

Our free comparison tool is designed for international students to quickly find the most suitable loan to apply to that can cover your total cost of attendance

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Getting into Collеge

Applying for schools is a long and complicated process. We’ll help you figure out how to do it.

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Paying for College

There are numerous financial opportunities available to help you pay for school, and we can help you find them.

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Immigrating to the USA

Learn all about the visa processes required to get you into the USA legally so you can make the most of your time as a student.

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Living in the USA

Use our go-to resource guide to all aspects of living in the USA, including how to get around, the healthcare system, and how to keep yourself entertained.

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