Requesting Application Materials

Schools usually have different application materials for international students, so it is important that you identify yourself as an international student when you contact the admissions office.

Some possible differences include:

Application requirements and deadlines are usually the same. Nevertheless, you should allow extra time for applications to arrive, because the international postal system introduces delays. Expect it to take four to six weeks for you to get a response to inquiries. So allow plenty of time. Get information as much as possible from web sites and by email and facsimile. You should begin the process at least a year and a half in advance of the application deadline, and no later than August of the year before the academic year in which you plan to enroll.

Send all inquiries by airmail and request an airmail reply. Even if you are able to correspond by facsimile and email, the actual application and accompanying documents will need to be sent by airmail.

Your initial inquiry should be addressed to the Director of Undergraduate Admissions for undergraduate applications, to the Department Chair or Dean of the Graduate School or Director of Graduate Admissions for graduate applications. Your initial inquiry should either include a preliminary application form obtained from the nearest educational advising center, or at least the following information:

If you don’t provide this information, the school will respond with a preliminary application that requests it. Otherwise, if you meet their preliminary criteria, they will send you a full formal application for admission with instructions.

There are several organizations that allow you to apply for admission using the World Wide Web. You will still need to submit your credentials via airmail, but using the web-based application services can save you some time. No one service handles applications for all the schools, so you may need to visit several sites. The services include CollegeLinkCollegeScape, and Peterson’s CollegeQuest(GradAdvantage for MBA programs).