Which Standardized Tests Do I Need to Take?

The American stereotype is true: the SAT is a big deal in high school. Many four-year universities require applicants to submit scores from standardized tests such as the SAT as part of the application process and to assess a student’s abilities, and students understandably get stressed about them. These tests primarily have multiple choice questions, and some tests include an essay as well. They take several hours to complete and some are completed by hand, so start your finger exercises now! Scores are sent both to test takers as well as to institutions of the student’s choosing.

Graduate school programs also require testing as part of the application process, and these differ based on the program or degree. In addition, international students for both undergraduate and grad programs are often required to submit their scores from the TOEFL to measure their English language skills.

Don’t be nervous if you feel completely unprepared for these tests. They’re terrifying for everyone, which is why prep courses, practice tests, and private tutoring are widely available. And they’re worth it: scholarships are sometimes offered based on high scores, even for international students. Keep in mind that each of these test have fees, so doing well the first time is better for your confidence as well as your budget.

Tests for undergraduate programs

Tests for graduate programs