Scholarships for International Students

You will undoubtedly encounter several scholarship matching services that, for a fee, will offer to search a database of scholarships for awards that match your profile. Unfortunately, the vast majority of awards in these databases are restricted to USA citizens and permanent residents. Don’t waste your money on such services.

The following databases are dedicated to listing scholarships for international students in specific countries. The FastWeb database, in particular, has good coverage of the awards available for international students.

A word of caution: If a scholarship has an application fee, don’t apply. If you have to pay money to get money, it is probably a scam.

MPOWER Financing
Scholarships for international and DACA students studying in the USA and Canada.
A Selected List of Fellowship and Other Support Opportunities for Advanced Education for USA Citizens and Foreign Nationals
This NSF publication (NSF 93-147) was obtained from as the files ns93147a.txtthrough ns93147f.txt. Also available is the NSF publication 94-139, Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry (GOALI).
GrantSearch Australia
GrantSearch Australia offers customised keyword searches of a database containing over 1,400 grants, scholarships, fellowships and awards available in Australia. The cost is AUD45 + AUD5 postage (approximately US$40).
International Education Financial Aid
This site contains a free searchable database of 870 scholarships and awards for international students. Most are restricted to use at specific universities. is a large searchable database of more than 17,000 scholarships, prizes, and bursaries for students in Canada. It includes both school-administered and private awards. is published by EDge Interactive, 3470 Pharmacy Ave., Toronto, Ontario M1W 2S7, Canada, phone 416-494-3343, fax 416-494-0949.
SFU Graduate Awards Database
A small database of Canadian graduate and postdoctoral fellowships, compiled by Simon Fraser University.
Stöd & Stipendier AB (SOS AB)
SOS is a Swedish-based scholarship and grant search service, serving primarily European students who wish to study abroad. They also serve American students who want to study in Europe or in the Pacific region (Australia, NZ, Far East). They also do grant searches for institutions and associations with international activities. They have a staff of seven people working in Sweden and four in Riga, Latvia. They compile their own database, which lists 17,000 addresses, and they also have access to several other databases of Scandinavian origin (Billeso & Baltzer), European origin (European Foundation Centre and Maecenata) and American origin (Foundation Center, Scholarship Finder). They have been in business since 1992. Their fees, if the printout is sent by email, are

  • US$45 for undergraduate or graduate students and for ill or disabled persons looking for financial support,
  • US$75 for students aiming for a PhD or postdoctoral studies or research. (Smaller personal projects.)
  • US$95 for institutions, non-profit-organisations and other associations. (Larger projects.)

Add US$5 for currency-charges. (This extra-charge will be dropped as soon as they have a simple and secure international digital payment-system working.) They also sell “Stora Fondboken” for US$58 for Macintosh or PC systems with information on 3,000 grants worldwide. It is also available as a CD-ROM for US$285 per year plus VAT. They are working on an online search service for their web page. For more information, call +46-670-614310 or +46-8-836113, fax +46-670-614330, write to Stöd & Stipendier AB (SOS AB), Transtigen 7, S-833 35 STRÖMSUND, Sweden, or send email to
Founded in 1998, is a free scholarship database focusing on scholarships and bursaries for Canadian students.