Before You Leave

Before you leave, let the international student advisor know about your travel plans and expected arrival date. Likewise, give your family members who are staying behind your contact information in the United States.

Attend the US Information Service’s pre-departure orientation session. It will provide a lot of helpful information.

Find out about any income tax filing requirements for your home country before you leave. If your parents or guardian will not be handling your financial affairs in your absence, arrange for an appropriate ‘power of attorney’ for the person who will be taking care of your affairs. Likewise, you may need to arrange for absentee voting for elections while you are in the US.

Visit your doctor and dentist before you leave. Tell your doctor about your trip, so he or she can give you any required inoculations. Also arrange for an eye examination, so you can carry an up-to-date prescription in case you need to replace your glasses or contact lenses.

Don’t forget to reconfirm your reservations 72 hours before departure, and to arrive at the airport early.