Financial Aid

International students in the USA often are limited in their access to financial aid, but you still have lots of options to explore.

Sources of Financial Aid

As an international student in the USA, there are numerous financial opportunities available to help you pay for school.

Loans for International Students

To pay for school, you may have to take out a student loan from a private lender.

Financial Aid for Canadian Students

O Canada! Learn about your financial aid options if you want to get a Canadian education.

International Student Loan Finder

Use our International Student Loan Finder to find the best option for you!

Schools with Financial Aid for International Undergraduate Students

Some USA schools are more likely than others to offer financial aid for international undergraduate students.

Financial Aid Forms

The FAFSA form is used to determine financial aid from the U.S. government, but as an international student are you eligible for it?

Financial Aid for European Students

If you prefer to study in Europe, we get it. But how will you pay for it?