Passports & Visas

You’ll need a valid passport and visa to enter the USA. We’ll tell you everything about it.


Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the end of your intended stay in the US.

Sufficient Financial Resources

To get a F-1 visa approved, you will need to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to pay for the first year of study and that you have resources available to cover the rest of your educational program.

Changing Visa Status After Arrival

The B-2 visa (Tourist Visa) is not considered a student visa for full-time study. Studying in the USA on a B-2 visa is grounds for deportation.


Do not count on being able to scrape up the funding after you arrive in the US. Getting a job is not an effective means of financing an education in the US.

Immigration-Related Web Sites

A resource for immigration related websites.


A visa is a grant of permission to enter the country. The USA entrance requirements are listed in this section.

Proving Non-immigrant Intent

You may need to establish that you intend to return to your home country after your studies are complete.

Maintaining Visa Status After Arrival

If a student on a F-1 visa is not able to complete their studies by the expiration date on the I-20 form, they must apply to the school’s Foreign Student Advisor for an extension 30 days before expiration.

Additional Information

Contact the USA embassy or consulate for information about visas to the US. Every embassy and consulate has a small library of information about studying in the US.